Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our First Flea!

This past weekend Emily and I attended our first market, The Drill Hall Flea, at our home away from home, the Somerville Arts at the Armory! (We work with a group that has rehearsal space in the building). Since it was our first time out selling we made up a name for our table on the fly. I registered us as "Allix & Brandy," derivatives of our stage names, because I honestly couldn't think of anything better.

pulps, ponies, and a view of our fellow vendors

As the market got under way and we met patrons and vendors, we started to formulate some ideas as to what to call our respective halves of the booth. Thanks to a fantastic chat (and a helpful sign) from Joolienn of I Am Joolienn, we knew that Emily's half had to be called "Ponies and Pasties" while mine went with the more quotidian, "Alli's Accoutrements." 

Here's a sampling of what we sold: several Breyer Horse models, Breyer Horse collectible pieces, pulp novels, vintage handbags, hats, and skirts.

We also got a visit from Melissa aka @Stealfinder who purchased some pulps and a cute vintage handbag I had for sale. (The link will take you to her instagram where you can see her purchases). I actually sold a few purses and now wish I'd had the foresight to photograph them before the market. Ah well, you live you learn.

We'll have tons of photos and previews coming soon - watch out for us at the first Drill Hall in February! (We will have some really special V & anti-Vday goodies on hand).

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