Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Back!

Hello friends, new and old!

I just couldn't leave well enough alone. I closed my former outfit-a-day and eco-fashion blog, Mes Lunettes Folles, some time ago, but my love of clothes and well cared for and curated vintage has pulled me back into the blogosphere.

I've long had a dream of selling vintage myself and have started to do so on a very small scale. I'm attending markets and flea markets in my area as a vendor! I've teamed up with some wonderful friends who also sell various collectibles and wonderful things - I'll be linking to them and our goings on here on the blog.

This blog will be used as a place to preview or highlight wonderful items I've procured, cared for, brought back to life, collected, and am preparing to sell. I'll also try my best to highlight my favorite vintage and curiosity sellers, internet inspirations, and other delights.

I am committed to selling only high quality items that have been cleaned, repaired when possible, and properly stored (away from pets, smoke, and the like), at competitive but affordable prices.

I look forward to renewing my passion for vintage and to sharing some of my collecting adventures with you all.



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